November 30, 2023


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10 Inspiring Anime Series To Motivate You For 2022

A new year is beginning, bringing with it a time of resolutions and new inspiration for all. It is common to look for content around this time of year to find inspiration.

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Anime can certainly provide that sort of content for a wide audience. The different genres available and the wide range of stories that can be told through the medium means that almost anything can be covered by anime. From the desire to try a new hobby to enjoying youth, there are anime series that have something to get everyone driven and going.

10 Art Inspiration: Blue Period

Art of Yatora from Blue Period smiling,

Blue Period is an anime about a teenage boy, Yatora, who despite his popularity and good grades struggles with an empty feeling. On a whim, he paints something he saw. Upon receiving praise for his work, he feels a sense of accomplishment that he’s been severely lacking. This is the start of his journey to fit in with the art club and get into a prestigious art university program.

Blue Period was created by people with a deep passion for art. Their feelings are radiated by the inspiring story, the beautiful backgrounds, and the attention to detail shown in every art piece featured. Fans report wanting to visit museums and pick up a paintbrush themselves after finishing the show.

9 Humanity & Letter Writing: Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden centers around Violet, a girl who grew up being used as a weapon of war. Now that the war is over, Violet has to learn how to live as a person, and she gets a job as a ghostwriter for people’s letters. By writing letters for people, Violet gets insight into their lives and learns what it means to be human.

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Violet Evergarden explores the human condition and is deeply impactful. Fans who have filmed their reaction to this show are mostly seen crying every episode. Violet Evergarden is the perfect anime to make its viewers want to send a heartfelt letter and share their feelings with a loved one.

8 Living Life To The Fullest: A Place Further Than The Universe

A Place Further Than The Universe is a moving story about a group of girls going on a trip to Antarctica. The anime highlights the value of new experiences and living life to the fullest. The main character is determined not to let her youth go to waste — so she faces her fears and explores the world while making friends along the way. The characters are vibrant and nuanced; altogether, A Place Further Than The Universe is very effective at pushing viewers to go out and live their dreams.

7 Shogi & Family: March Comes In Like A Lion

Rei Sad in March Comes in Like A Lion

In March Comes In Like A Lion, Rei is living a depressed life on his own after being virtually abandoned by his adoptive family. Rei is only motivated by his work as a professional shogi player — a board game that resembles chess. That is, until he forms an accidental friendship with three girls who begin to consider him part of their family. With them, he learns the joys of familial love and support for the first time in his life.

March Comes In Like A Lion is not only a love letter to shogi, which is explored in detail and treated as a tense instrument of character conflict, but it also embodies all there is to love about having a family. It is the perfect anime for not only those looking to be inspired to find a hobby they are passionate about, but also those who are interested in a found family story that will make them appreciate those closest to them.

6 Musical Exploration: Kids On The Slope

Kids On The Slope is centered around an uptight, shy, depressed pianist who has trouble getting out of his shell. He encounters a nonchalant delinquent who loves jazz music. The latter inspires him to explore jazz as a genre and break out of his shell and the routine that he was stuck in. Kids On The Slope is not only an ode to jazz music, but also a message to the audience about the value of trying something new.

5 Passion For A Sport: Haikyuu!!

Karasuno Goofs Off In Haikyuu

Haikyuu!! is a volleyball anime that has often been praised as the ultimate gateway for viewers interested in sports anime. This anime has developed characters and uses a sport as a medium for storytelling.

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The way volleyball is presented in Haikyuu!! makes both fans and casual viewers want to pick up a ball. The characters’ passion is infectious, and the tension is palpable in every episode, making the ball and the net feel like the most important thing in the world for the episode’s runtime.

4 Quintessential Sports Anime: Run With The Wind

haiji run with the wind

Run With The Wind is a sports anime about a track club working to participate in a marathon relay race. The anime features beautiful animation and a memorable soundtrack. Like many sports anime, Run With The Wind excels at transmitting the passion the characters have for the sport to the audience.

With its excellent character writing and drama focus, Run With The Wind remains one of the most highly praised sports anime in recent history. It makes a perfect watch for those looking to start an athletic hobby, get into exercising, or simply pursue a seemingly impossible goal.

3 Emotional Music Journey: Carole & Tuesday

Carole And Tuesday is set in the future, where AI and robotics have taken over every aspect of human life. This includes music — robotic tunes and AI singers are all that play on mainstream channels. Despite this, the keyboard-playing Carole and the guitar-playing Tuesday team up to perform live music.

Carole And Tuesday is about how important humanity is to song and how feelings can be expressed in music. It makes for a surprisingly emotional watch and is perfect for those looking for inspiration to get involved in the musical world.

2 A Love Letter To Animation: Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken is about three girls who start an animation club in their school. The show features their process as they brainstorm ideas and create many wildly different animations. Each character has her own specialty and brings her own passion to the table.

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Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken is a love letter to animation and serves as proof of the amount of potential held within the art of animation. It delivers infectious passion from the creator to the characters of the show and all the way to the viewers.

1 A Second Chance: ReLIFE

In ReLIFE, Arata feels as though he has wasted his life — he is nearly thirty and doesn’t have a stable job, any particular aspirations, or a sense of satisfaction with his life. That is, until he takes a mysterious pill that reverses time to when he was 17, giving him a second chance at his youth.

Arata must fix his previous mistakes and get to know his classmates and his new life again. ReLIFE is inspirational in its message of living life to the fullest. ReLIFE emphasizes how small decisions can have huge consequences.

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