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10 Most Underrated Anime You Should Watch In 2022

When fans are asked what their favorite anime is, they’ll likely respond with some of the most popular titles. Anime such as Naruto, My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, or Dragon Ball Z are common responses when anime fans are asked this question.

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Of course, these series are massively popular for a good reason: excellent, exciting plots and relatable, well-written characters that keep the viewers engaged in the story. However, several great anime go under the radar because of how popular other titles are. Viewers should definitely add some of these anime to their watchlists for the rest of 2022.

10 IDOLiSH7 Shows The Debut Of A New Idol Group

IDOLiSH7 follows Tsumugi Takanashi as she manages a new male idol group. She promises to support all seven members to the best of her ability. However, she is asked to cut four members because her father believes that seven members are too much for an idol group. Despite this, Tsumugi decides not to cut any of the members.

The group is called IDOLiSH7, and they ultimately become one of the most prominent idol groups due to each member’s unique charms and personality. This anime would be an excellent choice for fans who enjoy sports anime like Haikyuu! or Yuri!!! On Ice because of the competitive aspect of the idol world. K-Pop and J-Pop fans are sure to enjoy this anime, as well.

9 Satan Flips Burgers At MgRonald’s In The Devil Is A Part-Timer! 

The Devil Is A Part-Timer! follows Satan after he fails to conquer Ente Isla and gets teleported into the human world. Unfortunately for him, he can’t escape the human world as quickly as he wants. He’s forced to take the identity of Sadao Maou and gets a part-time job at MgRonald’s to make ends meet.

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Though his initial goal was to conquer the land of Ente Isla, Satan quickly gets fixated on another goal: climb the corporate ladder and take over the entire Earth. The Devil Is A Part-Timer! is a short but genius comedy anime that all audiences will enjoy.

8 Burning Kabaddi Is An Excellent Sports Anime

Burning Kabbadi Yoigoshi cut

Fans of sports anime such as Haikyuu! or Kuroko’s Basketball are sure to enjoy Burning Kabaddi. Kabaddi is an Indian game during which players take turns chasing each other down to touch the opposing team while avoiding being captured.

The anime follows Tatsuya Toigoshi, who was once an excellent soccer player, as he stumbles upon a game of kabaddi in the school gym. Though Tatsuya initially mocks the game, he comes to respect how invigorating it truly is and agrees to join in.

7 Death Parade Is A Psychological Anime That Will Make Viewers Question The Meaning Of Human Nature

Death Parade guests playing bowling

Death Parade is a fascinating anime that observes the meaning of life, death, and human nature as a whole. When certain people die, they are brought to Quindecim.

Quindecim is a bar where only two people who die simultaneously are granted entrance. Decim is the arbiter of judgement who challenges these pairs into games of life-or-death circumstances. These games test a person’s soul so that Decim can decide if they are worthy of reincarnation or not. They are banished to the void for eternity if they’re deemed unworthy.

6 Try Knights Is A Sports Anime About Rugby

Try Knights follows Riku Haruma after he enters high school. He starts pretty aimlessly and is unsure of where to go with his life. However, Riku is inspired by the way he sees people playing rugby. Something about the insanely high jumps, incredible running speeds, and overall effort exuded by the players makes Riku want to get involved with the sport.

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Then, it’s revealed he was once quite passionate about rugby in his past. Riku’s passion for the sport is brought back to life after joining his school’s team. Try Knights is a pretty good sports anime, and though it’s short, it’s worth watching.

5 Stars Align Is An Outstanding Anime About Soft Tennis

The Shiratori Soft Tennis Team Parties In Stars Align

Stars Align follows a middle school boys’ soft tennis club as they strive to outperform the girls’ club once and for all. Unfortunately, the team faces disbandment because of how poor their collective skills are. However, Maki Katsuragi joins the club and turns things around immediately because of his natural skills.

Though he has to be bribed into joining, Maki saves the boys’ soft tennis team. Maki naturally uplifts the team and forces the other members to keep up with his skill levels. Stars Align is undoubtedly a must-watch for any fan of sports anime.

4 Noragami Is A Comedy Anime That Blends In The Paranormal

The cast of Noragami enjoy the winter

Noragami is an excellent comedy anime that follows Yato, an inconsequential god whose goal is to amass millions of followers. He doesn’t even have one shrine in his honor, yet he dreams of becoming a god admired by the masses.

When he was about to discard his dreams entirely, his fate turned around upon encountering Hiyori Iki, who saved him from a car accident. The girl survives, but her soul becomes disconnected from her body. Hiyori urges Yato to turn her back to normal, but it isn’t that simple. Noragami is a great series for any anime fan.

3 Blue Period Realizes The Importance Of Art & Creativity

Blue Period Yatora art room determined

Blue Period is a fairly new anime that aired on Netflix in the later months of 2021. However, this anime is a must-watch. It doesn’t include massive, groundbreaking battles with life-or-death circumstances, nor does it showcase ridiculous drama. The anime focuses on Yatora Yaguchi as he discovers his passion for creating art and his journey to being accepted into the Tokyo University of the Arts.

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Viewers will find that Yatora is an incredibly relatable protagonist with struggles that feel authentic. Even if some viewers are not artists, they will relate to Yatora’s journey throughout the anime. The anime also has great LGBT representation, with the nonbinary bisexual character Ryuji Ayukawa. Blue Period is mainly about art, but it also covers topics such as LGBT issues, mental health, and the struggle of navigating life towards the end of high school.

2 Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor Is An Interesting Anime About Gambling

Kaiji playing a variation of the dice game called Cee-lo

Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor is an anime about gambling. Kaiji Itou, the protagonist, is essentially a scumbag loiterer who essentially wastes his life away until one fateful day. On that day, one of his former co-workers approaches Kaiji and tricks him. Kaiji is then tasked with paying off all of this person’s debt by himself.

At wit’s end, Kaiji ends up with no other choice but to accept a very questionable deal to take part in an underground gambling scheme. From here, Kaiji’s life goes to hell in a handbasket as he is thrust into a life of deceit, cheating, and overall dubious behaviors.

1 Sk8 The Infinity Is An Anime About Skateboarding With An Important Message

The promotional poster from Sk8 The Infinity

Sk8 The Infinity is an excellent anime about skateboarding. It follows Reki Kyan and Langa Hasegawa as they compete in “S.” “S” is an illegal skateboarding race in an abandoned mine. The race conditions are hazardous, but that’s what makes it so exciting. Langa seems to be a prodigy at skateboarding, despite being a rookie. However, his trump card is that he has a background in snowboarding.

Though the anime is primarily about skateboarding, a significant theme is remembering to have fun with what you’re passionate about. The anime shows Reki struggling with inferiority because he’s comparing himself to others. At the same time, the main antagonist forgets that skateboarding is fun because of his warped perceptions of victory in association with receiving admiration. Sk8 The Infinity is certainly not the average sports anime, and that’s why it’s so special.

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