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What the Heck Is Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story?

Birdie Wing: Golf Girls

Spoilers for Birdie Wing: Golfing Girls’ Tale episode just one

When the spring anime period began I wrote that Fanfare of Adolescence was a single of the most wonderfully ridiculous athletics anime I’d viewed. With its pop idol turned jockey premise and “there’s no heterosexual rationalization for this” moment in the initially episode, I did not believe just about anything else would leading it in “what the hell did I just enjoy?”

Then I was reminded of Birdie Wing: Golfing Girls’ Story, a series I went into for two good reasons, 1) sports anime, and 2) sporting activities anime WITH Ladies. I didn’t even observe a trailer, I just seemed at the poster and made a decision to dive ideal in. In hindsight, I almost certainly should’ve browse the synopsis, but truthfully? I assume it was a lot more hilariously fulfilling because I didn’t know what I was receiving myself into.


Birdie Wing: Golf Girls' Story

Eve is an underground golfer who supports inadequate road orphans with the funds she would make from illegal golfing matches. But her existence is about to change endlessly when she fulfills a younger golfer who’s just arrived from Japan …

Do it for the orphans at the bar

Ok. So um. That synopsis escalated quickly, huh?

By on the lookout at the poster, I’d assumed that this would be a story about girls trying to make a title for by themselves in the golf planet, possibly with a handful of “women are not centered on as substantially as men” athletic hurdles to experience. At most, I predicted Eve to be the underdog with the incredible opportunity who is not “like the other girls” for the reason that she did not get prestigious schooling. She provides off a “rough all-around the edges” vibe on the poster compared to the other main focal issue, Aoi.

That could continue to be the scenario, following all, I’ve only watched one episode, but I was however totally taken off guard when that initial episode discovered that Eve is an underground golfer??? She takes component in these uber unlawful matches for hard cash, heading so significantly as to pose as other golfers who hire her to location at a particular location in matches they on their own can’t do.

Why does Eve do this? Very well, because she’s encouraging out a bar operator and a group of orphans so they never have to live on the street. Did I mention the part with the corrupt cops that preserve harassing the bar operator? There is even a sepia tone songs online video in the middle of the episode to Really hit on the “Eve’s obtained it rough, but she’s in it for the kids” plot of the series. I’m not exaggerating. We get an insert song and pictures of Eve just … hanging out by graffiti-included partitions in sepia tone. It’s fantastically in excess of-the-top.

Never stress, the ridiculous sporting activities anime tropes are continue to there

The plot itself starts to go in a way you be expecting out of a athletics anime when Eve fulfills Aoi. See, Eve’s only in golfing for the dollars, but Aoi respects the sport as is. This wouldn’t mean a lot to Eve besides for the simple fact that Aoi has a killer shot that surpasses her personal. I predict that, at some point, Eve will commence to see the joy in golf or whatever (by staying shipped with Aoi, simply because that’s just how athletics anime do).

Just before that, the anime hardly ever genuinely offers you a possibility to appear down from the “LOL WHAT” of underground golf and opponents donning jester masks. Which is for the reason that it has to acquire a minute to present off just how superior at golfing Eve is. Complete with a flashback of a younger Eve getting pushed to the breaking position with golf, her golfing swing is treated like a gunshot – and even does the not possible by zipping among educate autos. Who her trainer was, we’re not positive, but thinking of the “we dwell on the other side of the tracks” narrative it could be, like, her father, or some dude who took an orphaned Eve in and confirmed her the means of hustling people out of their golf revenue. LOL, what a time to be a sports activities anime enthusiast!

With a cry of “Direct Shot, Blue Bullet,” Eve (with some wonderful rainbow-coloured animation) ricochets the golfing ball off a rake to get on the environmentally friendly. Because practically nothing states “sports anime” like dramatic animation for the character’s moves AND stated moves getting addressed like a maxed-out tremendous meter in a battling match. The put together endeavours of “wtf is this plot” and “can a golf ball be hit so tough it smashes by means of a tree branch” may be pushing sports anime to the limits of absurdity, which is my way of recommending that you, at least, enjoy the very first episode so you can say, “Wow she was not kidding, this really IS bonkers!”

You can verify out Birdie Wing: Golfing Girls’ Story more than at Crunchyroll!

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